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Urban construction and office service operator



Innovative ideas, efficient management. Do our best to provide customers with a better business cooperation platform,
Achieve resource sharing and enhance brand value


Baideli's journey all the way,
Realize the double-wing pattern of project construction and investment field

In 1997, with the return of Hong Kong to the prosperous world, Bestley Holdings Group sprang up in the air-conditioning installation industry.

When China entered the WTO in 2001 and entered a new stage of opening to the outside world, Baideli started from the business of sales, maintenance, design and installation of central air-conditioning equipment, focusing on cooperation with Grade A office buildings in the central area of Shenzhen Over 100 buildings, and established "Shenzhen Baideli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd." in 2006.

Follow the trend. 2015 coincided with the closing year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", and the business expanded to "Installation of air-conditioning equipment, operation and management of new office buildings, design and construction of decoration engineering, and environmental protection” four major sectors, explored the “strong module, full chain” group development model of product-based research and development, scientific design, standardized construction, and efficient operation, and strongly ranked among China’s outstanding enterprises, leading the industry by winning by quality.

Our advantage
Operating Grade A office building
The beginning of the brand
Participating in listed companies
Strategic Cooperation

Headquarters set up

Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Key Services

Futian Central District Grade A Office Building


In the future, Brightley Holdings Group will continue to

maintain an innovative attitude, expand its influence in the industry, and keep pace with the times.
Make the industry develop in a large-scale, orderly and healthy way.

As the main development core, focus on customer needs, constantly explore new ideas, develop new projects,

Through humanized management and efficient operation, it is quite well-known in office building business operations and engineering industries,

Witness the development of Shenzhen's business and become a trusted partner of brand enterprises, real estate developers, and business customers




Baideli brand concept
Adhering to the spirit of Baideli's ingenuity,
Customer-oriented, quality-oriented, attention to detail work attitude.

The cooperative spirit of altruism and win-win is Baideli

The cornerstone of cooperation with all sectors of society.

Professional quality and integrity

Ultimate service, win-win cooperation

Baideli is committed to growing into a leading urban construction and space service operator in the Bay Area,

With greater industry influence and appeal, form industry radiation, develop towards higher goals and move forward in the long run.



In the field of engineering construction, the group has been deeply involved in the air-conditioning industry for more than 20 years.
In a leading position in the same industry, it has completed air-conditioning projects for more than 100 iconic brand properties and provided high-quality services. At the same time, it has realized a double-wing pattern in the field of engineering construction and investment. The business has derived a one-stop industrial chain such as "new office building operation management, decoration engineering design and construction, environmental protection and disinfection".
Born in the large-scale central air-conditioning installation industry
2001Start a business
Focus on cooperating with the engineering business of over 100 Grade-A office buildings in the central area of Shenzhen
2006Bardley was established
Baideli Holding Group was established in 2006, headquartered in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in the sales, maintenance, design and installation of large-scale complex central air-conditioning equipment
2015Entered the VIA Building
The operator of Baideli business space has a strong presence in the Weisheng Science and Technology Building of the High-tech Park.
The project is located in China's "Silicon Valley" - Nanshan Science and Technology Park. It stands side by side with Tencent, Neptune Galaxy and Hanking Center. By virtue of its strong strength and the advantage of occupying a prime location, Baideli customizes flexible, efficient and intelligent office solutions for corporate customers, laying a good foundation in the high-end office space leasing industry
2016Entered Huarong Building

Occupy the commercial core position of Futian District, sit above the city core, and enjoy the grand scene of Futian District.
Super Grade A office building project with a height of about 195 meters and a total of 34 floors. It is seamlessly connected to Shennan Avenue.
It is adjacent to Futian Station, the largest underground railway station in Asia, surrounded by high-end luxury residences and shopping malls.

2017Entered Coastal Huanqing Building

Central Park panoramic business office building, comparable to New York's Central Park, super 5A grade A business hardware facilities,
Located in the Futian CBD area, with an intuitive panoramic view of the Central Park, surrounded by high-end business areas,
With all the mature supporting resources of Futian CBD, you can enjoy green and aerobic ecological office.

2018Entered Huahan Technology
The operator of Baideli business space successfully settled in Huahan Science and Technology Building, North District of Nanshan Science and Technology Park,
Building a garden-style office space, committed to promoting the new economy of urban buildings, adhering to the concept of asset-light office,
Building green, Humanistic, modern and efficient new ecology of urban buildings
2018Entered the Beek Building

Work with Tencent Building to attract high-quality resources; next to Han's Laser R&D Building,
and Hanking Financial Center to form a modern Grade-A office area.
First-class leading in the field of new energy; complete supporting facilities in the park/convenient transportation around.

2019Deep cultivation of personalized decoration design space
Integrate excellent cross-border resources of the platform, look forward to market opportunities with a keen eye, provide personalized decoration service design for modern enterprises, and lead the new design space market
2020Specializing in Environmental Governance
Knowing that enterprises and individuals are faced with environmental problems, in order to solve environmental pollution and control of harmful organisms, we specialize in researching effective strategies and feasible solutions. Help customers to avoid pests and air pollution hazards to the greatest extent, so as to create an ideal living space



twenty years Explore and enterprising

We are always the same, only to build the future of the city

Battery will continue to maintain an innovative attitude, expand its influence in the industry, and keep pace with the times,

Make the industry develop in a large-scale, orderly and healthy way.

Continue to create value for urban construction and partners

Explore more business areas

Discover more business opportunities

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